Welcome to PredictionIO 0.8.0

PredictionIO is an open source Machine Learning Server. It empowers programmers and data scientists to build smart applications with data productively.

PredictionIO currently has 2 built-in recommendation engines. With them, you can add the following features to your apps instantly:

  • predict user behaviors
  • offer personalized video, news, deals, ads and job openings
  • help users to discover interesting events, documents, apps and restaurants
  • provide impressive match-making services
  • and more....

A standard PredictionIO stack is built on top of solid open source technology, such as Scala, Apache Spark, HBase and Elasticsearch. Install PredictionIO and give it a try!

Adding Machine Learning to your web or app quickly

For Web and App Developers...

PredictionIO comes with a few built-in predictive engines that you can use out-of-the-box. No Machine Learning knowledge required. You may also customize them to fit your specific application needs.

Learn how to use Built-in Engines

These few steps can get you familiar with PredictionIO's Built-in Engines quickily.

Deploying your own algorithms on production

For Data Scientists and Algorithm Developers...

If built-in engines don't fit your need, you can also create a new engine and deploy your own algorithm easily. PredictionIO server handles the heavy-lifting for production deployment, so that you can focus on your unique prediction challenges.

Learn how to build your own Engine

These few steps can get you familiar with PredictionIO's Engine buildng process.