Welcome to PredictionIO

PredictionIO is an open source Machine Learning Server. It empowers programmers and data engineers to build smart applications. With PredictionIO, you can add the following features to your apps instantly:

  • predict user behaviors
  • offer personalized video, news, deals, ads and job openings
  • help users to discover interesting events, documents, apps and restaurants
  • provide impressive match-making services
  • and more....

PredictionIO is built on top of solid open source technology. We support Hadoop, Mahout, Cascading and Scalding natively.

Learn How to Use PredictionIO

These few steps can get you familiar with PredictionIO quickily.

  1. Read the Quick Start.
  2. Install PredictionIO and give it a try!
  3. Learn from some examples in Tutorials.


We want to ensure that PredictionIO is useful for you. You will get quick response to any question or feedback about PredictionIO through these channels:


PredictionIO Google Group is actively supported by core contributors of PredictionIO. It is for general questions, requests for help, and new feature announcements.


Stack Overflow is another great place to ask technical questions about PredictionIO. Be sure to add the predictionio tag to your question.


The code is on GitHub. The best way to send a patch is with a GitHub pull request. PredictionIO JIRA is the best way to file a bug report.


Submit a feature request, or vote for one, here.

Additional Machine Learning Resources

Machine Learning is about teaching computers to predict future, or otherwise unknown events, by applying computer science or statistics techniques to analyze existing data.

The following resources provide additional information:

Stanford Machine Learning Course
Stanford Machine Learning Course freely available on Coursera
Collaborative filtering: A Programmer’s Guide to Data Mining
A free book chapter that introduces Collaborative Filtering with sample codes.